Religion is a problem. Atheism is not the answer.

Atheists continue to pursue the logical fallacy of turning away from God based on religious criticisms. Atheism is not the only alternative. One can argue for it, but it is not the only conclusion that can be derived.

Distortion of the holy books is the product of man. It is erroneous to blame God for the actions of man with Free Will. Religion and the Church is a construct of man.

Yet the question of God still lingers in us. It is available to us all without religion or the church.


One thought on “Religion is a problem. Atheism is not the answer.

  1. Impressive! I became an atheist at age twelve because of logic and reasoning and remained so for some fifty years. As an atheist, I had very standards as to what I believed, why I believed and most importantly how I believed. I now consider myself a Buddhist Christian and in becoming such my standards remained the same. I would really appreciate your opinion of my blog concerning this.

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